Worksheets for the lessons of social studies and/or history courses have been developed for the website of Coenraad Rood, in cooperation with the Historisch Centrum Overijssel and with a working group of teachers from secondary education. The horrifying experiences of Coenraad Rood during his forced journey from camp to camp form the starting point for going into topics such as democracy, being on the right/wrong side during the war, WWII, wars, human rights, identity, your own story, prejudices, and discrimination.  In this effort the Overijssel Historical Center cooperates with a workgroup of secondary school teachers, and as a result the material is perfectly attuned to present-day education.

The basic principle of education is to bring the student in contact with the above-mentioned topics. Things that Coenraad Rood experienced personally but that will also be recognizable in the lives of the students. By finding a link between the past and the present in each lesson, the students are made to reflect about their own actions in the world.

Worksheets and teachers' handbooks

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the faculty team of Carolus Clausius College in Zwolle, three worksheets have been developed that include a teachers handbook.

-Download the work sheets “Choice in wartime”

Not all topics/movie fragments have been used for the worksheets. Teachers and schools are invited to cooperate in the development of teaching packages. Please contact BigSense Producties 06 – 40323327